The Z-Box Steam Profiler—Fourdrinier  

Transphase Technology LTD introduces its advanced Z-Box steam box design that offers a major improvement over competitive designs.

The new multiple Z-Plates, mounted in the machine direction, allows the custom design of a steam diffuser with multiple applications of steam in the MD direction to provide precise control of the steam delivery from the CD zone to the web. The design can be customized to suit the High vacuum dewatering unit and it's cover.

Control of the exiting steam jet velocity  permits the matching of the web velocity to steam impingement velocity over the vacuum area, producing an intense, narrow steam footprint. This results in a better  2 sigma CD moisture improvement than competitive steam boxes.


  • Excellent CD moisture profiling on Fourdrinier boxes. 
  • Bump responses up to 2.5% in each direction
  • Lower steam usage over other steam box design.
  • Elimination of steam spillage.
  • Reduced energy consumption in the Dryers.
  • Increase sheet consistency. 
  • Increased machine speed .
  • Improved machine runnibility .