Actuator Replacements

The CR-2 can be used to replace existing steam box pneumatic actuators to provide better control accuracy and much less downtime for maintenance.

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The CR-2 operates at the same air pressure as the Devronizer A5 and A7 and has the same thread. The plug is machined to match the existing actuators. The CR-2 can replace the A5 or A7  without the need of adapters, seat changes or special tools.

The internal sealed bellows is manufactured from Inconel 625 and is rated for 13,000,000 steps. The open/close position of the bellows is visible through the inspection glass window. The shaft is guided to prevent any misalignment.

Benefits of Replacement

  • Longer life – the Inconel 625 Bellows assembly is rated for 13,000,000 steps
  • Protection from Chloride Stress Corrosion
  • No diaphragm failures
  • No actuator jamming
  • No air leaks
  • Better control response
  • Better CD moisture profiles
  • Much lower maintenance costs
  • Operates on 6-30psig (40 -200kPa) Air Pressure
  • Air to close, fail open
  • Bellows assembly is a sealed unit, tested to 75 psig (5 bar)
  • Bellows assembly is removable
  • Stroke 0.75 inches (19mm)

“Actuators are working very well.  Moisture profile is much better and spreads are lower.  This was money well spent.”
— PMS, Southeast USA
Devronizer A5 and A7 plugs

Devronizer A5 and A7 plugs